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France’s Strategic Shift in the Middle East: Navigating Ties with Iraq Post-Coalition Withdrawal

France’s New Approach As its political and military influence wanes in Africa, France seeks to bolster its presence in the Middle East, specifically Iraq. While Iraqi Prime Minister Muhamad Shia Al-Sudani called for the international coalition, led by the United…

What Awaits Iraq in 2024?

The Iraqi government led by Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani is striving to achieve significant accomplishments and critical projects aimed at pulling the country out of chaos and addressing the delays in projects that persisted over the past two decades….

The Impact of Red Sea Tensions on the Global Economy

The Red Sea in the Spotlight Since the outbreak of conflict in Gaza, escalating events suggest a widening scope of the conflict to encompass broader regions in the Middle East. Daily military incidents along the Lebanese border, missile strikes, and…

Will Iraq dispense with importing gas from Iran?

Within only three years, Iraq will dispense with importing gas from Iran. But it is not that easy, in addition to the great opportunities available, there are many obstacles that may delay reaching this level in the specified time. To…