Dubai ‘most ready’ to host Expo 2020, with $28bn boost at stake

Dubai is the favorite among five cities hoping to host the World Expo in 2020, and stands to benefit from a $28 billion economic boost if its bid is successful, according to a report published today. The London-based International Centre…

Why Turkey seeks to create a buffer zone in Syria?

Turkey’s need and desire for energy, requires a bigger political role in the region. The existence of ISIS on Turkey’s borders would not be accepted, especially in the southeast region which contains undiscovered oil reserves up to 438 million barrels….

Who is the best rival?

The International Centre for Development Studies found that the strategic geographical location and the stable social environment in addition to the promising economic climate and diverse population are all factors that make Dubai’s opportunities larger than other competing cities. For…

The Hard Choices

According to the report, if the negotiations between Iran and the G6 will fail to change Iran’s views about its nuclear program, then the world will face two options. To read the report please contact us.

What if the US and China turn into oil exporting countries?

A relentless race is taking place between the US and China to invest and make use of the discovered oil and gas reserves but the ecological issue is hindering the set plans. For more information please contact us.