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The Impact of Red Sea Tensions on the Global Economy

The Red Sea in the Spotlight Since the outbreak of conflict in Gaza, escalating events suggest a widening scope of the conflict to encompass broader regions in the Middle East. Daily military incidents along the Lebanese border, missile strikes, and…

The war in Gaza undermines the Prospects of the Economic Corridor

The war in Gaza poses a significant challenge to the reshaping of economic corridors in the Middle East. The India to Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), which extends from India through Israel, clearly clashes with the security factor, considered essential by…

Abu Dhabi: The Future Global Capital for Renewable Energy

By 2050, the UAE aims to rely entirely on clean and renewable energy sources for its energy consumption, marking a significant transition despite its prominent hydrocarbon industry and vast oil and natural gas reserves. The country has made notable strides…

How does Kurdistan’s oil suspension affect the Iraqi economy?

Since losing the international arbitration case brought by Baghdad against it, as a result of exporting Kurdistan region’s oil without the approval of the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), Turkey is still refusing to export Kurdistan’s oil through its territory….