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The E-voting in Iraq's elections
The report warns against the use of electronic voting in Iraq's elections for the lack of transparency and the possibility of fraud.
The future of technology in the United Arab Emirates
The next five years will see the transformation of the UAE into one of the most important technology industry centers in the Middle East and North Africa.
The Global Economy and Politics in The Year of 2017
This report is about the economic and political predictions for the year of 2017, and the global oil markets, in addition to the changes in the Middle East.
Iran new oil contracts with foreign companies
This report is about Iran new oil contracts and how it has been modified in preparation for lifting of the economic sanctions.
Why Turkey is seeking to establish a buffer zone in Syria?
This report discusses why the buffer zone in Syria is important to Turkey and give an insight of its geographical area.
How will the economy change in 2018?
Power change from west to east
This report indicates that the balance of economic power in the world in 2018 will shift towards Asia.
Beijing extended a lifeline to Moscow
The adventure of US
This report takes a look on the western sanctions imposed on Moscow and how Russia has been able to circumvent them.
Iraq may be unable to finance its projects
The unfinished projects
The failure of Iraq to provide sources of income other than the sale of oil to finance its budget, will create a significant deficit that threatens to halt a number of projects in various areas in the country.
Armament vs Development
Arms deals in the Middle East
In this report we try to find whether development or armament can ensure stability in the Arab region, and which one of them is a priority.
The secret of the new deal with Iran
the ins and outs of the new deal with Iran
This report is about the secret of the new deal with Iran and the ins and outs of it.
Expo 2020
Who is the best rival?
In this report we take a look on Expo 2020 and the five competing cities and discuss the opportunities and the disadvantages of each city.
The hard choices
Obama bets on Iranian street
This report talks about the hard choices for the Obama administration to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.
What if the US and China turn into oil exporting countries?
The report is about the large quantities of shale oil discovered in US & China and its impact on global energy landscape.
Crisis between Baghdad & Washington
Holding the stick from the middle
The Syrian crisis has created many questions regarding the Iraqi role in the region and its position on the Syrian regime.
The deterioration of Iranís currency
Iranís economy losee $42 billion annually
The report is about the deterioration of Iranís currency and its impacts over the Iranian society.
Internationalization of Iraqi oil file
The political crisis in Iraqi government
The report is about political crisis in Iraq and its obvious impacts over the Iraqi economy.
Iran Cyber Capability
The Unspoken War
This report will shed light on the unspoken war between Iran and the United States and its allies.
Investments in the Arab Spring
Investments & Opportunities
Defining possible investments in the Arab spring economies and the difficulties experienced by foreign investors.
Investment projects in Iraq..
Fake projects and futures contracts
A focus on fake Investment projects in Iraq and the corruption and bureaucracy which caused the loss of most allocations.
In The News
ICDS attends the Annual Conference on Energy Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in the Middle East and Africa.
Iran anticipates lifted sanctions, modifies oil contracts to foreign firms
How will the world economy change in 2018?
Dubaiís Expo 2020 promotes the regionís economy
Dubai 'most ready' to host Expo 2020, with $28bn boost at stake
Obama bets on Iranian street: Report
Iraq oil production increasing but problems remain
Kurdish Iraq gets the lion's share while Baghdad loses out on oil profits
Iraq loses Ď$200 a secondí as political rift with Kurdistan affects oil exports
Warnings of a humanitarian disaster facing Syrian refugees
Nearly 250,000 Syrian refugees register with UN
Iran drying up Iraqi rivers, triggering environmental crisis: report
Russian fears of losing the gains for Europe gas pipeline
Iran is preparing to launch "Electronic Jihad"
Doubts about the success of the fourth round of oil licensing in Iraq
The crisis of centre and regions cast its shadows over foreign investments in Iraq
British research center: The economic chaos may cause investments in Iraq to flee the country
British report: red tape and corruption caused the waste of Iraqi funds budgets.
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